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Jodi Sta. Maria Proudly Shares Her New Hobby In Cooking And Baking

Jodi Sta. Maria Proudly Shares Her New Hobby In Cooking And Baking

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Local actress Jodi Sta. Maria shares her new hobby of cooking and baking as she enrolled herself in a pastry workshop to keep her busy.

The celebrity mom revealed that she is currently taking cooking and baking classes at a local Asian culinary class. Jodi said that shared that she aims to complete the Certificate Program in Cooking and Baking Skills at the said institution.

“I find preparing and measuring the ingredients to a T relaxing and calming. We made different types of crepes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffle cake, and blondies na super nagustuhan ni Mama and Thirdy,” Jodi said.

In her first week, the actress mentioned preparing her ingredients and “making mayonnaise from scratch,” which she said was not easy at all with all the whisking involved in the process.
Jodi shared in her post that she is able to make her own Caesar Salad with smoked salmon, which is a proud moment for her.

Among the list of recipes she prepared during the week are Tenderloin Fillet Mignon with Sauce Bernaise, Paella, Risotto, and Baby Back Ribs.
Jodi, in hopes of inspiring everyone to not be afraid of trying something new, ends her post with “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you”.
In her new life milestone, many of the actress’ supporters and co-stars expressed their excitement about her new hobby.

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