SB19 shows how it’s done with comeback song: GENTO

At a time like this, I would normally say, “I may be late to the party but…” BUT today is different. Because today, we are talking about SB19 and with SB19, the party is always only getting started.

On May 19th, Filipino music group SB19 released a new song entitled GENTO. A wordplay for the Filipino phrase, “Ganito.” and the Tagalog word for gold which is “ginto.” Expressing how things should be done in SB19’s case: music. Like gold, one’s artistry is meticulous and should be regarded with great value. Also, something as great is like gold that cannot be found just like that. Hence, the song’s catchphrase, “‘Di ka basta-basta makakakita nito”

Watch GENTO music video here.

As a fan for three years, this came as no surprise as the group have released several uniquely-titled songs from the past: Tilaluha, Ikako, WHAT?, to name a few. But also as a fan for such a long time, the excitement is never the same as their previous releases. It always feels brand new.

GENTO is written and co-produced by SB19’s leader, Pablo. It is a electronic dance music song that showcases each member’s singing prowess and rap skills, its lyrics written in TagLish. The song being an EDM of course includes a choreography which was headed by Jay Joseph Roncesvalles, an award-winning Filipino dancer. The song’s catchy lyrics and melody combined with the quirky dance steps easily made it a crowd favorite as it dominated TikTok trends that reached several countries around the world including South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and even the United States to name a few.

On May 31st, GENTO puts the group’s name on Billboard music chart as it debut at #8 on Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

GENTO is the carrier single of SB19’s new extended play (EP), Pagtatag! along with five more songs of different genres according to SB19 during one of their interviews. Pagtatag EP will be released on June 9th.

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